3 Reasons Why NOW is the Time to Sell Your Home

I remember as I started my journey in real estate, countless people would say, “make sure you sell a lot in the Spring & Summer, the winter months are tough in real estate”, or “no one likes to move in the Winter, so expect it to be slow”. At the time, I believed them. I thought oh no, just as I start getting my foot in the door the Winter months will come & I’ll have no business! What am I going to do?

Its January, January 10, 2018 to be exact, we’ve been fighting off -5 degree temperatures & frigid wind-chill. It is COLD, but guess what? I currently have three different buyers, all pre-approved and ready to buy their next home, and our only issue… there’s NO inventory! You don’t have to be an expert, a real estate agent or have any clue about real estate in general to understand supply & demand. As supply declines, demand goes up, people want what isn’t out there, in this case… YOUR HOME!

So, I started to think, how many people are considering the idea of moving? You need an extra bedroom, your husband, wife, boyfriend or roommates clothing is currently in the hall closet, and you need space for all the new things you accumulated from the holidays. Does this sound familiar? It’s time to sell your home. In fact, there is no better time than right now, and here’s three reasons why.

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Myth Busting- What You Think You Know About Buying a Home 101

You would be amazed at the amount of people, especially a younger generation, who still believe you cannot purchase a home without at least 20% down. This misconception often has people feeling as if you’ll NEVER be able to afford your own home, so they continue to rent, putting $750-$1,000 a month towards a 1-bedroom apartment, they’ll NEVER own. Yes, I get it, renting is often times inevitable, but let’s talk about a few myths you may THINK are true about buying your first home, & bust those myths for good. Trust me, you’ll be glad you were wrong.

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