SOLD- My Favorite Four Letter Word

Buying a home, whether it’s your first or your last, is a huge time commitment. I was completely unaware of all the time, procedures and decisions that went in to every aspect of this process. (Until I started my journey in Real Estate!)

I saw purchasing and selling homes create arguments, stress, and often times leading to a dead end. Wasn’t purchasing a home supposed to be fun? It’s one of the biggest investments you will make in your entire life, and an investment you should have fun with and be proud of!

What people forget to tell you when you decide to take the leap into buying a home, is that the rest of your life doesn’t just stop. You still have your daily work schedule, social life, and everything in between, and oh yeah.. you’re supposed to be gathering all your financial statements, saving money, looking for homes, and 100 other things that go along with buying a home. Unfortunately, life doesn’t say, “Oh look! Tom & Sally are wanting to buy a home, let’s just put everything else on hold until they’re done with that!” (now wouldn’t that be nice?).

That’s where having an advocate, with your best interest in mind comes into play. For me, this business has allowed me to relieve my clients of the tedious, time consuming aspects of buying a home. From our first meeting to our last, I remind them that it’s my job to take each situation we come across & find a solution, (& trust me, you will have situations arise, it’s inevitable).

I began to realize these “situations” were easily avoidable, with an honest agent who paid attention to detail, and never stopped working for their client. This perspective was taken from the inside out, & I wanted to give my readers the insight into what this process entails…

Staying Current with the Market

People often ask “How’s the market”, “Is it a good time to sell?” “Is this a good time to buy my first home?” What’s crazy is that my answer today, may be completely different tomorrow, that’s the fun (and risk) we take each day. Once again, if you aren’t in the real estate business, this isn’t something you pay close attention to, unless you know you may be considering buying or selling in the near future. And that’s okay! You only have a hundred other things to be thinking of! Leave it to your agent! We are submerged in the market talk & action every day, paying close attention to seller trends & buyer needs, as they change, on a daily basis. Knowing the market we are dealing with, the inventory that is available & whether or not you are making a financially sound decision can make or break your buying experience. Did you know real estate app’s like Zillow only display about 70% of properties available? And are only updated a few times a week! Things are constantly changing! We as agents have exclusive access to up to date resources that allow us to be the first to know when a property becomes available, or drops in price!

 Think of your buying agent as the weatherman of your buying experience. If the weatherman on the morning news didn’t stay up to date on the changing weather conditions, we may end up wearing shorts and a t-shirt in 32-degree weather. The same for you when buying your home. If your agent isn’t staying current in the market trends, & giving you up to date information, you may purchase a home for way more than it is worth, or lose out on a home that just hit the market.


Very few homes sell without negotiation. It’s how buyers are able to get a few thousand dollars in closing costs covered, & sellers make a profit when selling their home. I always want my clients to receive the best possible outcome when buying a home because I work for them, they are my priority, their success is my success. But negotiations can get sticky, emotions often get involved & create undue stress to both buyers and sellers. This is something easily avoidable by using an agent who is comfortable using buying power, and market knowledge to negotiate price, closing costs, inspections etc. It’s my job, as an agent to take the negotiations off of your plate, and enjoy the home buying process!

Paperwork, Paperwork & More Paperwork

You guys… you wouldn’t believe the amount of paperwork that comes with buying or selling a home! (Now maybe some of you do, because you have been through the process… it’s insane!) Yes, all of the paperwork is extremely important and covers much needed information to protect both the buyer and the seller, but who likes to read 20 pages of a sales contract, tediously fill it out & explain each line? (If you do, I’m always looking for an assistant!) This saves my clients precious time, that I would much rather prefer they spend with friends, family or vacationing! Instead of having to write up each contract involved, sign, send it back, etc. they quickly sign the document already prepared for them & they spend the rest of their day focused on what they need to be doing, not worrying about minute details & extremely long documents.

Should buying or selling your home be easy? Yes. Absolutely. I stepped into this business with two goals in mind, to help others & to be successful & you would be amazed how easily those two goals go hand in hand. I look forward to being an asset, an advocate & most importantly a friend to my clients, allowing them to enjoy every aspect of the home-owning experience. Why shouldn’t you?