Finding the Balance- Weekly Workout Guide

With the holiday season quickly approaching, I figured what better time to answer the fitness & nutrition questions I’ve been receiving on the blog! I’ve always had a fairly active lifestyle, and I’ve always (& will always) love food. Especially good homemade food, that probably has too much butter, fat and carbs. However there’s a balance. This article isn’t going to tell you to do 2 hours of a cardio a day, or to eat 6 small meals a day, cause I definitely don’t do either one of those. So I found a balance, a good combination of eating healthy (but not depriving myself of what I like) & weekly all over body workouts, to keep the “jiggle” toned in all the right places!

I’ve included what a typical week looks like for me! Now this may vary week to week & if I don’t make it on a Wednesday I make up for it on a Saturday! But try & allow yourself two days of rest, to let your body recoup. You’ll notice each workout incorporates your entire body, not just upper body, not just legs, etc. In no way, shape or form am I super educated on personal training, body building, etc. But I listen to my body, and know that if I work one body part to fatigue, the next morning I won't get up and go to the gym because I am too sore. So once again, I found the balance. Each exercise is paired with another (superset) and will keep your heart rate in fat burning mode! You're in the gym to sweat & burn fat, not chat & take breaks!


15 min warm-up : Treadmill Incline Walk (incline:8-10) (3.5-4mph) 

  • Bicep Curls w/ dumbbells  (4x15 each arm)
  • Tricep dips w/ bench (4x15)  
  • Bicep Curls w/ cable & short bar  (4x15)
  • Tricep pushdown w/ cable & short bar (4x20)
  • Dead Lifts w/ heavy dumbbells  (3x12)
  • Weighted Squat (20-30lbs)  (3x20)
  • Bicycle crunches on bench (3x20)
  • Scissor kicks on bench (3x20) 

10 min HIIT (high intensity interval training) cardio- Sprints (30 sec. at 8mph+, 30 sec rest)


15 minute warm-up: Elliptical machine (10 min forward, 5 minutes backwards (works the glutes!)

  • Bicep hammer curls with dumbbell  (3x15 each arm) 
  • Tricep Kickbacks with dumbbell (3x12)
  • Side shoulder raise (4x10 each arm) 
  • Front Shoulder raise (4x10 each arm)
  • Shoulder Press w/ dumbbells  (4x15) 
  • Curl to press w/ dumbells (4x15)

15 min bike (keep mph over 90) 


Take your favorite workout class! Mine varies from Bodypump to pilates to yoga depending on my body & how I am feeling! You can also use this as your "off day" and use it for a walk with the dog and some stretching before bed! You & your dog will appreciate it!


15 min stair climber-- 15 min bike (all cardio is done first because lots of leg exercises to come!)

  • Bicep curls with bar (3x15) 
  • Tricep Overhead extension with plate (5-10lbs) (3x15)
  • Non-weighted squats (4x20) 
  • Calf raises with bar (4x20) you can also use your stairs at home! (my fav) 
  • Dead lifts w/ bar (4x12) 
  • Lunges (4x10 each leg) you can add weight if you prefer! 
  • Front Plank (3x1 min) 
  • Side plank (3x30sec each side) 


15 minute Incline walk (10-12 incline, 4-4.5mph) 

  • Seated rows w/ triangle (4x12) 
  • Lat Pull-down (4x12) 
  • Assisted Pull ups (YUCK I KNOW, but super beneficial) (3x15) 
  • Chest Fly's with dumbbells & bench (3x15) 
  • Bench with bar (wide grip)  (4x10) 
  • Incline bench with dumbbells (4x12) 
  • Russian Twists w/ med ball (6lbs)  (3x15 each side) 
  • Reverse Crunch (3x15) 

15 min HIIT cardio- Stair Climber (30 sec on, 30 sec off) 

*Saturday & Sunday can be used as your rest day (monitor carbs & sugar intake, or can be used for a make-up day!**

Like I mentioned earlier, I am not a fitness pro or personal trainer. But I do listen to my body and know that finding a good balance between nutrition & fitness is a must! I challenge you to find the balance. Eat the chocolate cake, enjoy it & have a good workout the next day! You deserve it, and your body will thank you!