Fall Interior Design - White Water Custom Furniture

Have you noticed that when you either began looking for your first home or you’ve just purchased a new home that all of a sudden the times you used to shop for clothing, accessories etc. has now turned into shopping for furniture & interior design pieces? Okay good... not just me! It’s almost like a transition in life from all your focus being on you, to now being on your home! It’s your baby (minus the crying & diaper changes) but you still feel the need to outfit your home, take care of it & ultimately want it to reflect you! Im excited to discuss emerging interior design trends I am seeing in homes across the city this Fall & announce a new interior design collaboration I have been working on!

White Water Custom Furniture

What I love about interior design is that it’s always changing. Whether you decorate based on seasons, moods or you plan to keep the same décor for the next 30 years, there are so many options, therefore, so many decisions! They all begin to look the same and after the 5th furniture store of the day, you’re not really sure the difference between an ottoman & an armoire. Or, you like the height of one dresser but loathe the drawer pulls & you find yourself wishing you could piece together your perfect dresser by hand selecting each element.

Well you can… Now to say I’m picky, may be a slight understatement. (For proof reference my Pinterest board “Dream Home”, the style, colors, and aesthetic changes by the day. While following numerous interior design accounts in preparation for building our home, I stumbled upon White Water Customs, and after researching more I found they were based out of KC! It was as if they pieced together my ideas from all the furniture I “pinned” and now all of a sudden it was in one Instagram feed!

What I noticed most about the custom design pieces they created, were the materials they used; industrial metals mixed with earth tone marbles, slim line designs & geometric shapes. Hello Fall Interior Design Trends of 2017!

Industrial Metals

Slim, sleek lines can give any room an industrial look, with minimizing the amount of furniture used,. When searching for the perfect aesthetic for our new home, I knew I was going to need to find a look that suited both Dane & I. If Dane had it his way our house would be black and brown, leather and metal (typical male décor). For me, I like contemporary styles mixed with a little designer edge. So, I compromised & landed on what I call “The Industrial Farmhouse”, a mix of industrial metals & dark colors with old barn wood & gray hues. The shelf pictured above is one of my absolute favorite pieces designed by White Water Customs. The attention to detail, varying shelf size & contrast of metals & marble surfaces, captures a look no large furniture store would take the time to accomplish. This would be perfect in a long entryway or living room, on either side of a fireplace!

Gray & White Hues

The saying goes something like “What goes around comes around.” right? Just like bell-bottom jeans & pleather everything, design trends have a way of reappearing. *Que white cabinets*. Transitioning from a season of dark ebony wood throughout most new construction homes, to lighter & white painted woods, give homes a more open feel. Paired with gray accents in backsplash, granite countertops & hardware, the two hues complement one another nicely. Will it stick? Like most design trends they come & go, and will most certainly be back, at some point. Looking to design your home? Your cabinets can always be painted or stained, so I recommend picking a hardwood that you can stick with regardless of your cabinet color. (dark hardwoods will transition nicely between both brown, white or gray cabinets). This marble table created by White Water Custom, combines both the industrial metal & marble surface. (This table can  be created using glass, wood, steel or hard plastic).

Marbling & Barn Wood

It’s hard to think barn wood and not automatically thank Chip & Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s hit show Fixer Upper. The King and Queen of old barn wood & shiplap have made their way into big box design stores as well as the homes of many. I must say the barn wood gives your space a homey feel while maintaining a clean, manicured look. Both a marble & barn wood can get costly, quickly. Looking to remodel? There are now vinyl & tile substitutes that give off both looks for much less & can be used to redo floors in your living room, bathrooms, etc. Leave the actual marble & wood for your accent pieces that will not endure as much wear & tear. 

I am extremely excited to announce The Little Blonde House's newest collaboration & partnership with White Water Custom Furniture. I have always believed in small business supporting small business, especially when both companies are local! You can shop their custom Etsy shop by clicking on the pictures above or here as well as following their Instagram page!