Girl Wash Your Hair---- Or Don't

First I wanna shout out Rachel Hollis & her amazing book "Girl, Wash Your Face", if you haven't read it, you should. I'll link it here. She's a girl boss with no room for excuses & has helped me in making time for the priorities and removing all the rest. 

Okay, back to the topic at hand. I was SHOCKED, at the amount of responses from my uber glamorous stories from yesterday, if you missed them I'm sorry. But the point of it was incredibly real... how do girls go a week without washing their hair... or even 4 days... or even 2! I physically can't do it. Especially following an Orange Theory Workout, one where I look like I just got out of the shower & there is sweat in places I don't want to mention. There is no grabbing breakfast or lunch after these workouts... because I am drenched. And honestly, I love it. What I don't love is that when I get home & get ready for the day, I HAVE to wash my hair. If I don't, when my hair finally dries or I dry it myself, I look as if I took olive oil & painted it along my roots. & if thats the look you're going for, good for you, but if thats not enough to gross you out, it still smells like sweat. 

I know I know. Get a good dry shampoo. I HAVE. If theres a good one out there, I've tried it. If there is a blog post written about how to salvage sweaty gym hair, I've read it. The round brushes, the texturizing spray, the blow dryer, the diffuser. I have them all & have tried them all. Maybe it's the type of hair, maybe I sweat an un-godly amount, I don't know, but it's pounded in our brains that we should only wash our hair 2-3 times a week max, and I'm a 6-7 times a week girl, no matter what. 

I've compiled the products (no dry shampoos) that were recommended and the technique that was suggested when using it. DISCLAIMER: I have NOT tried any of these, but one, however ya girl is desperate so I'm willing to test them out. I also received some tips and tricks that I'm interested in trying & I will share those below as well! 

Have a good tip, trick or product? Comment it below! I wanna find a cure!! 


  • "Train your hair"- a reader sent me a message saying that she has had to "train" her hair to go longer between washes. Starting with one day in between and gradually increasing the days between. Still use your dry shampoos & brush but it's one of those times you'll just have to "tough it out". 
  • Wash only with conditioner, not shampoo, or just water. -I am trying this today, btw. I came home drenched from OT and instead of doing a full wash I just did water and blow dried.... so far so good, Ill report back later tonight. Not adding the chemicals of shampoo/conditioner every day is better then washing everyday. 
  • Section your hair into separate areas and dry shampoo/blow dry. -Instead of trying to tackle your entire head at once. (This may work for some of you if you have tons of hair!) I have very fine hair, so still wasn't a winner for me, but worth the try! 


I'm going to leave you with a quote from one of my readers, Kayla... that I just can't stop thinking about & think is extremely fitting for this topic! 

"I can either die with good hair, or I can workout so I don't die."   (She was pretty sure it was Oprah who said this). BUT regardless, it's BOMB & it's my new mantra. 

Happy Friday!- Do something fun! 

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