Winter Skincare

Be prepared, this is a LONG one. But I want to be extremely specific with you because winter is the worst season for my skin & it has been a lot of trial and error to figure out what combination works the best, and when to use which product. I do have a few products I only use in the morning and a few I only specifically use at night.

Before I begin my routine with you, I will let you know I begin to sleep on this pillow case about 6 months ago- I had slept with a silk pillowcase for about a year before I switched to this one & it was not as good of quality. I can tell a dramatic difference in my skin, as the pillowcase does not allow cotton fibers to adhere to my face as a cotton pillowcase would. The pillow case causes less bacteria to be on your dermis as well as helps to let the skincare products you use set in. You can find my specific pillow case here.

Morning Routine:

In the morning I try not to wash my face if I don’t have to, as double cleansing can often times dry out my skin. If I wore a skincare mask to bed I am sure to wash it off before I head to the gym. (DO NOT WEAR A WHOLE BUNCH OF SKINCARE TO THE GYM). So normally I splash a little water on my face, pat dry. If I have just gotten out of the shower & my pores are open I use this hydrating boost.

Daily toner. (Yes, I will link everything throughout & at the end of this post) One thing i’ve started doing is pressing the toner into my skin, not rubbing it in, allowing max absorption.

Daily Moisturizer- Tried & true. I’ve used this product for years now, & I love how weightless yet effective it is.

Under Eye Cream- I shouldn’t even call this a cream, because you see a dramatic difference the minute you put it on. Filled with caffeine, this has quickly become a favorite product & allows me to not have to conceal as much on lighter makeup days!

Sunscreen- Make sure your sunscreen is the LAST thing you put on your face before you start your makeup. Good sunscreens will not allow the rest of your skincare to break its barrier (hence why sunscreen is so important). I have tried a lot of sunscreens, and most are oily, & don’t absorb. This is the first one I have found that I really liked.

Start your makeup routine following this- I always add a swipe of my favorite lip balm before I leave the house.

Evening Routine:

I cannot stress to you enough how important it is to wash ALL of your makeup off before cleansing your face. If you have makeup left on when you go to cleanse, you are essentially cleaning your face with your day old makeup. Gross. I have a couple different products I use to get rid of my makeup, depending on the day or how much makeup I have on.

Quick makeup removing- Neutrogena wipes. I don’t recommend them for everyday but sometimes I don’t have time/ too lazy so I use them. Remember: do NOT pull your face with them, you’re just asking for wrinkles.

Makeup Removing- On a normal evening I use this oil to begin taking off my makeup. Yes, I have eyelash extensions & this oil is just fine, it does a great job of removing 99% of it. Following that I use this makeup eraser cloth (mine are from amazon & work just like the $20 one). This gets the last bit of makeup off that the oil may have missed.

Cleansing- Sticking to my tried & true Tula cleanser (be sure to use my code in the bio of my instagram for 20% off). It’s gentle, it foams & my skin loves it. I have been trying out a new medical grade cleanser & will report back, but right now I have been switching them on & off.

Evening Toner- Since I’ll be sleeping in this toner I use a stronger resurfacing gel, which has helped with dark spots & rough skin patches (from sun). Once again, make sure you are “patting” it into your skin for maximum absorption.

Vitamin C Serum- I choose to use my vitamin C serum at night, so that it’s not being covered by makeup & has extra time to set in. I have quickly found out that it’s the most important step in my skincare routine & I can tell if I haven’t use it- which is huge. I use this to help with hyperpigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles. Plus+ I wake up with plump bright looking skin.

Evening Moisturizer: There’s nothing better then going to bed with hydrated skin. At the end of my routine I use this hydrating cream that also contains Hyaluronic Acid- so we get a 2 for 1! It has quickly helped restore moisture into my dry winter skin & improved the elasticity, preventing wrinkles.

That wraps up my morning and evening skincare routines. Three or so times a week I will use a different mask- exfoliant, hydrating & spot treatment. I’ll share these below! Also- the face tanners I use to give my face a little glow.


Acne/Spot Treatment- I have used this since High School & have yet to find something that even compares. Use it all over (my chin is acne prone so two nights a week I cover my chin in this), or spot treat stubborn pimples.

Exfoliate- I use this the night before I get a spray tan (I spray tan on Thursday’s)- So Wednesday night. It gets rid of all of the dead, dry skin & preps for my spray. I also use these peel pads once a week. They are meant to be an at home peel, & have two different pads in one. These are great to use after you dermaplane too!

Hydrate- There is no better hydrating mask then this. I use this a couple times a week, once after I exfoliate to put moisture back in, and after I dermaplane. I sleep in it, but you can use it for 10-20 mins if you prefer.

Lip Mask- you’ve seen me talk about this a lot. & thats for good reason. Every night before bed, and now in the morning because this winter has been brutal on my lips, i apply this. It is the only thing I have used that actually works, trust me.

Face Tanners:

I try really hard to make sure my face doesn’t see the sun, but I like to have a healthy glow, especially in the winter. There are three products, that I use on my face that work great.

Tan Drops- Add these to your nightly/or daily moisturizer for glow. Wash your hands & make sure you cover your face and neck, these have a lot of pigment!

Tan Serum- This serum isn’t quite as pigmented as the drops but does add a nice glow, I use this right after my spray tan because it is also hydrating!

Tan Pads- I use the normal version of these peel pads during the week but halfway through when my spray tan has worn off these come in handy & do have a gradual glow!

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