Why I Chose to Get Extensions

I’m going to start this post off with a disclaimer: I feel like people who share their lives on social media (whether they are bloggers, influencers, celeberties or your neighbor jack) are constantly criticized for choices they make concerning their physical appearance. Choices like microblading, eyelash extensions, hair coloring, Botox, fillers,augmentation, the list goes on & on, but you get my drift. My disclaimer: those people are not making those choices for you. They aren’t doing those things for you. They are doing them because they want to, need to or for whatever reason they want to, in which they are completely entitled.

Just because you personally wouldn’t do them, doesn’t mean you should express your opinion about it on their sites. Often times they are sharing because that is their job, their source of income & because many readers come to them for the purpose of hearing and seeing their experiences as they too may be thinking of doing the same thing. Phew, now that that’s off my chest I will let you know that I have put this off for a LONG time, for the sole purpose of being worried about what others would think. “Wow, her hair grew a foot over night”, and whatever other comments I have read on other peoples posts after getting extensions. So I’m going to start this with WHY I actually decided to get extensions & allow you to follow my journey & see if it really works!

I bleach my hair. Surprise! I don’t naturally have platinum blonde hair and if we are being totally honest my hair is more brown then blonde & to me is just kinda “blah” looking. My guru of a hair stylist helped me achieve the color I was going for in the most healthies of ways, but no matter how “healthy” you do it, bleaching your hair is never healthy & will eventually cause some sort of damage. (Pain is beauty right?). But it’s not just the bleach, its the hot tools, the products, the washing, etc. Ya’ll know I love a good beach wave , curl or straighten, and for years I applied some sort of heat to my hair. I’ve fried my ends, it’s dried out, I’ve done two major “chops” and yet my hairs growth stunts right about my shoulders, always has and always will.

Ive never been blessed enough to be the girl who wakes up in the mornings, runs a brush through her hair and is out the door. You all know my hair gets oily quick (que my insta stories where I talk about how much i sweat during a workout). I always have to re-curl, re-straighten or wash my hair if I want to leave the house looking somewhat presentable, and all of those factors are hard for our hair, especially bleached hair.

After my most recent chop this past year, my hair has become healthier, but as we continue to keep up with my bleach I can tell it gets more brittle and unhealthy with each time. Que the extensions. After long conversations with my hair stylists & other people who have experience with extensions I decided to try them out because:

You will apply less heat: Extensions are known to hold curl better, since I primarily curl my hair, my hopes is that i will have to fully style it 1-2 times a week & only refresh it with a curl or two a day. Applying less heat will allow my natural hair to grow during this period (which is the ultimate goal).

You will wash it less: I have begun training my hair with the help of a lot of dry shampoo to go longer between washes- sometimes i just wet my hair after a workout without shampoo or conditioner and other times I dry shampoo and blow dry the sweat out (gross i know). With extensions, you will wash your hair less and your hail will look styled even on day 5.

Time Saver: I’m lucky if I dont have to throw my hair in a messy bun to run out the door to a meeting, so having already styled hair that takes a few seconds to refresh will be a lifesaver for me- case and point as to why I have eyelash extensions (long over due blog post coming soon). I invest money on things that save me time- and it pays off, trust me.

& last but not least. BECAUSE I WANT TO. & that my friends should have been reason enough but the other three reasons are just icing on the cake! I am excited to try them out & the best part is- if i dont love them- i’ll Have them taken out, no harm, no foul.

The extensions I got are Natural Beaded Row Extensions. No tape, glue, etc. and ideal for someone who works out & sweats perfusely like your girl. I also love the weight of them, and the ability to pull my hair up without seeing them. They are not hard on your hair, but instead help it to become healthier, which is exactly what I want!